Hands on classes are 4 hours long

$175/person for 5 people or more

$200/person for 3-5 people 

$225/person for 2 people 

$250 for a one-on-one private class

Can't make any of our regularly scheduled calendar classes? 

 All of Mane Mob's 101 classes and workshops are available to take individually, with a friend, or in groups of 3 or more on your own schedule. You pick the place and time and Mane Mob takes care of the rest. 


▲Luxury Blowouts▲

Finishing hair is hands down the most important part of the client experience. It also is the key to complementing the beautiful cut or color you work so hard to create. During this 3 hour class you will learn fundamentals to advanced techniques, how to work with purpose, and complete three looks from start to finish. 

▲Color Texture▲

In a fast paced world that's moving at speeds greater than ever, it is vital you know every type of hair thread. Melanin, diameter of the hair strand, curl pattern and cuticle/cortex ratio are all major players when identifying how to color your next guest. To maximize your salon revenue, adapt to the changing world and advance your career- experience COLORtexture and book today!

▲Barbering for Cosmetologists▲

Do you want to take men's grooming to the next level? If so, this is the class for you! Men's grooming is one of the largest new trends in the hair industry. Learn advanced clipper work and grooming techniques including properly creating customized designs for your guest that will keep them coming back for more!

▲Texture Control▲

Are you nervous about working with different hair textures? Our Texture Control class will teach you a variety of skills to ease your nerves and up your experience. Learn how to properly care for and work with all hair types. This is an in depth look at hair textures, how to manage them, and how to become a multi-texture specialist.

▲20 Minute Updos▲

Capitalize on your special occasion business! This class will show you the necessary tips and tricks to execute wedding parties and special occasion hair quick and efficiently. With such a high demand for special occasion hair, this class will help you corner the market and also multiply your income. 

▲Shear Business▲

Marketing, social media, and taxes! The not-so-fun, but important parts of our business. Learn the Ins and Outs of the beauty business, and the advantages and disadvantages to each kind of employment. Whether you're a commission-based employee, self employed, or opening your own salon, you will learn marketing strategies to bring your business to the next level. In addition you will learn how to maximize your social media content and what your options are for free or paid advertising.

▲Shoot that Hair▲

In depth look at how to set up, facilitate and execute your very own photo shoot for beginning to end. During this class you will be in charge of your very own photo shoot with our team of educators assisting and coaching you to help you capture your vision! You will also leave with images to use for your portfolio. 

▲Weaves, Wigs & Extensions▲

This class will teach you the basics of sewing and weaving and all the different techniques of hair additions and extensions on the market. We will compare different methods, techniques, and practices on the hair extension markets and aid you in deciphering the best fit for each client.