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While it does feature a lot of unique zombie variants, Back 4 Blood doesn't have a Witch-like character with the same impact as the ones that are found in Left 4 Dead. Back 4 Blood does have the Snitch which, if startled by gunfire, will alert the horde, but the mutated Ridden doesn't have the same level of horror surrounding it. There are plenty of other things that will alert the horde throughout the game, so one more just seems to add to the pile without changing up the formula in any new way. What made the Witch special was the terror surrounding it that encouraged players to give the zombie space and be careful not to startle it.

Back 4 More

Qatar Airways has confirmed that it is reactivating four more A380s, according to an interview between the carrier's Chief Commercial Officer and Executive Traveller. The Gulf carrier will now use eight of the double-deckers, up from the current four.

Now it's back, with its relaunch on June 1st from Doha and June 2nd to Doha. It will land in Australia six weeks after the nation scraps pre-departure testing for international tourists, another way of boosting confidence and demand.

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\n\tA limited number of 1:00 pm check-ins are available for a nominal fee. Requests must be made and confirmed by phone and paid for in advance of arrival.\n\tWe cannot offer this service for certain homes, including those with 7 or more bedrooms or homes occupied by owners the preceding week. Please contact\n\tour office to confirm availability and arrange for early check-in to be added to your reservation.\n

Special Events are permitted at this vacation home. A special event fee may be added to your reservation if you plan to host an event. The special event fee cost can be found in the Home Details. The event fee covers additional costs associated with hosting large groups. Please contact our office for more information if you are planning to host a Special Event at this vacation home. More information can be found on our Weddings page.

Standard check-in time is 4:00 pm. Early check-in is 1:00 pm. A limited number of 1:00 pm check-ins are available and we cannot offer this service for certain homes, including those with seven or more bedrooms or homes occupied by owners the preceding week.

Turtle Rock Studios announced that it will not be adding any more content to Back 4 Blood and will be focusing on its next big game. The game has already received three expansions: Tunnels of Terror, Children of the Worm, and River of Blood.

The three pillars of the Call of Duty franchise, at least since World at War, have been the campaign, multiplayer, and zombies modes. Between these, multiplayer and zombies have always been designed for multiple people to play at once. The campaigns have stuck to being solo experiences meant to take you on a fairly short but bombastic and thrilling adventure through whatever setting that particular game is set in. In Call of Duty: Vanguard's case, we're back to good old World War 2. While that's all well and good, it's the other modes that keep people playing these games for months on end.

The Left 4 Dead games were marketed primarily as co-operative survival experiences. The main focus was clearly on designing a fun experience for players and their friends to work together in fighting off the swarms of the undead. The multiplayer component that put players in the role of both the human characters and the special zombie types turned out to be a simple yet surprisingly fun addition. Back 4 Blood, the spiritual sequel to those original zombie shooters by the same team, is back with its new-and-improved take on PvP in a zombie shooter.

Today, Turtle Rock announced that Back 4 Blood will not be getting any more new content as they plan to shift focus to their next game. Back 4 Blood will continue to operate and will still be available through Game Pass and PS Plus, but those hoping for more are out of luck.

This chart is a bit of a mess, just because we combined the 720p and 1080p results along with the FSR ultra quality testing. Pay attention to the labels, and you can see we have three different integrated solutions tested: Intel's Iris Graphics from a 10th Gen Ice Lake mobile CPU, Xe Graphics from an 11th Gen Tiger Lake CPU, and AMD's Vega 8 from a mobile 4800U APU. Note that all three of these are running with a 15W TDP.As for the numbers, only the Vega 8 iGPU manages to easily clear 60 fps at 720p, with or without FSR enabled. Intel's Xe Graphics averages more than 60 fps, but it was far less consistent, and there were a lot more stutters when just playing Back 4 Blood rather than testing. Still, at 720p and low settings with FSR enabled, you can definitely play on both the 10th Gen and 11th Gen Intel CPUs and get more than 30 fps.1080p, even at low settings, is far more difficult for integrated graphics. Vega 8 definitely delivered playable results, but the minimum fps on the Intel iGPUs becomes more of a problem. Remember, those minimums become far more common in a zombie horde event, which is the time when you least want framerates to plummet. You could manage in a pinch, but it's not an awesome experience.

Having said that, it can get a bit narratively repetitive. The best levels (like the aforementioned bar brawl) feel distinct, but most of them involve starting at point A and getting to point B, killing hundreds of brain-eaters along the way. The banter among the characters can get a little annoying, and the A.I. in both team and enemy form is super inconsistent. I found myself saving my bot allies in solo way more often than the real ones. The game is clearly encouraging gamers to play with three other people, even disabling some progress in the solo campaign mode, which has led to a pretty intense controversy.

Back 4 Blood offers a solid throwback to classic FPS action with updated graphics and storytelling, as I feel more connected to this round of characters as opposed to previous Turtle Rock Studios projects. Walking around the world in this game takes a unique approach to the narrative basis. The world has been consumed by this rotten Ridden force, and its impact goes beyond burnt cars and fallen bridges. We get to see how the Ridden is infesting our world with their grotesque nests and hordes, and that shines brightly through the overall design of the game.

Turtle Rock Studios has released Back 4 Blood update 1.08 (PS5 version 1.000.008) on all platforms, and this brings the Full Deck Draw feature for cards, being able to kick party members, and more! Check out the Back 4 Blood June 7 patch notes below.

The camera in Back 4 Blood can get quite active when the action starts to get busy. Big explosions will knock your player character model back considerably, which can make the game hard to keep track of. The camera motion strength setting might also help to reduce motion sickness. A wide field of view selection is available, too.

However, it would be nice to see some more customization when it comes to difficulty. Separating out aspects like enemy damage and friendly fire would let players curate an experience that works best for them, rather than being tied into three arbitrary options.

Along with lots of tweaks to weapon balancing and some new features, they've now added some dedicated default graphical options for the Steam Deck and there's multiple to pick from. This is great, and something I hope more developers add in so Steam Deck players can get the best possible experience. It already worked very nicely out of the box, but hey more tweaks that the developer has directly tested is always welcome.

This will actually be the second time that Judge Reinhold and Bronson Pinchot will be be bringing back their characters in recent years. Back in 2013 both of them were also part of the Beverly Hills Cop TV reboot that was developed by The Shield creator Shawn Ryan. A pilot was produced featuring Eddie Murphy's Axel Foley ostensibly handing the franchise reins to his son, Brandon T. Jackson's Aaron Foley, but the series was not picked up.

At present there aren't any plot details known about Beverly Hills Cop 4, but this news certainly raises curiosity about the story. A make-or-break aspect of legacyquels is the ability for a project to naturally and organically bring back characters without making the whole enterprise feel forced, and that's not necessarily an easy task. How this developing project will go about it is unclear, and it will be interesting to see what approach the movie takes.

At least one person on your team should always be running Copper Scavenger. Not only does it cause more copper to spawn, which is good for everyone, it also highlights nearby piles for you. With how hectic Back 4 Blood is, being able to see money through walls (and cars) is invaluable.

Des Moines, IA-- The Obama Campaign today announced that 4 more Democratic County Chairs have endorsed Senator Obama's campaign to challenge the conventional thinking in Washington, D.C. and truly transform our country. These local Democratic leaders from Appanoose, Benton, Lucas, and Monroe counties will reach out to Democrats in their county and discuss Barack Obama's ability to bring America together and bring change to Washington, D.C.

After San Diego advanced the lead to 5-2 against Bobby Jones, John Olerud hit a towering two-run home run to bring the Mets right back into the game, at which point Cook and Ordonez teamed up for the win.

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