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Chicken Gun Mod APK: Unlimited Money and Bomb for Android

The characteristic of Chicken Gun is that the graphic design style is extremely simple but impressive. Players will not find the images are so carefully designed and realistic as in the classic shooting games. However, in this game, they will have a close and fun feeling with the image of cute chubby chickens. Moreover, they have diverse expressions and often have super funny action scenes. So it delivers the great entertainment that many gamers expect.

It is overall an excellent game in the action category. It changes our concept about chickens and represents them as warriors. This game is a good source of happiness due to the funny sounds and chicken characters.

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In this game, you will see fat and slow-moving chickens fighting each other. These chickens carry different weapons and shoot each other. You will see chickens everywhere and no humans at all. This game is outstanding and an excellent source to kill leisure time and get relief from tension and depression.

When the game starts, you have to pick your favorite gun from your unlocked guns. After selecting the weapon, you have to kill your chicken enemies. Defend yourself from the bullets coming towards you and kill as many enemies as possible. You can also change the equipped weapons during the fight. You can create hurdles during the battle to save yourself.

In this mode, the decision of the winner or loser of the game depends on the bomb. Your team is given the task of planting or defusing the bomb. When you are given the task of planting the bomb, you have to plant it and save it from the enemies who want to diffuse it. When time completes, the bomb explodes, and you win.

You can manually customize your chicken. You can customize hats, beaks, shoes, and eyes. For instance, you can equip glasses with eye customization options. You can select desired shoes for your chicken. So customize your chicken in the best way and look fantastic.

This game offers you many features, and you can use various vehicles during the game. You can also use helicopters, airplanes, cars, bikes, and horses. So download the chicken gun apk new version and enjoy this multi-featured game.

Although the sound effects are not real, they are interesting because this game uses funny sounds. These funny sounds make the game more and more interesting, as the funny sounds of chickens are amazing.

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This game has 67247 reviews and 4.0/5 stars ratings on the play store. It is overall an excellent game in the action category. It changes our concept about chickens and represents them as warriors. This game is a good source of happiness due to the funny sounds and chicken characters.

Have you ever heard about a shooting game which makes you laugh? Chicken Gun APK is a fun shooting cock fighting game. Here you will be a rooster whose duty is to kill other chickens who are trying to capture your land. For this purpose a variety of weapons and vehicles are present to help you out in achieving your goal instantly. Furthermore this game can be played with friends as well as solely. If you want to make your chicken character look more attractive, a customisation option is also available in this game.

Chicken Gun Mod APK Unlimited Everything is the altered version of this game which offers all the premium features unlocked. Money will be unlimited and there will be no ads to disturb you. The actions and expressions of the chickens will surely make you laugh and you will be entertained in this way.

The gameplay and interface of this game is designed in a very user friendly manner. You just need to control two basic buttons to control the chickens. First is used to move the chickens in any direction you want. Whereas the second one is used to shoot the opponents.

As Chicken Gun Mod Premium Unlocked is a shooting game, there is an obvious need for weapons to kill the enemy chickens. So wisely use the smoke bombs, grenades, knives, axes and swords. Moreover explosives are also available like Molotov cocktails and explosive eggs. These explosives will cause mass level destruction similar to Pure Sniper Mod APK.

Kill as many chickens as possible to collect points. You can utilise these points to make your chicken mightiest among all. So, try to accumulate points and unlock the new weapons from the repository.

Although Chicken Gun Mod New Version Unlocked is a shooting game, the motto of this game is to make it as unaggressive as possible. You will observe the flocks of chickens with big bellies moving here and there which will surely make you smile.

The sight of chickens holding guns in a humorous way also brings joy, adding a fun element into this game. Moreover, chickens will dance after victories and make funny calls to each other. So, it can be said that this game will not promote any kind of aggression in children.

Imagine the sight where chickens are travelling in a car? Chicken gun Hack APK also has vehicles to ease the transportation of chickens. Numerous vehicles are present in the garage. These vehicles include cars, aero planes and horses.

Have you ever thought of a chicken wearing shoes or a hat? If you want to make your character more funny and eye-catching among all chickens then customise their character in a unique way. Multiple accessories are present which can be utilised for this purpose.

There are three varieties of eggs, each healing a higher percentage than the last. They cannot be combined for greater effect and, generally, are attained from snakes or a chased chicken. Chickens, however, are only encountered early-on.

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The Armory is another kind of bonus room which grants all players random guns and power ups to pick up rather than treasure. These rooms are found by choosing the correct path, however, there is no specific path to take as these rooms are located differently each game. The bonuses include, but are not limited to, bombs, dashes, chickens and vehicles. The Armory, like the Bonus Room, does not count as a round in terms of the leaderboard.

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