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[S4E12] Big Time Awards Show LINK

Gustavo points out that Kendall didn't say his dream. Kendall says that every time they do an hour-long T.V. special something goes wrong. Kelly asks what could go wrong followed by Gustavo who recaps that BTR is up for 5 awards, selling mac-n-cheese for life, and performing in front of 21,000,000 people worldwide. The Jennifers admit their feelings for Carlos but per usual, they tell him he needs to pick one of them.

[S4E12] Big Time Awards Show

During their mission, they realize that they finally got their purple blimp for awesomest song, causing them to celebrate with joy. Sharky, the mascot for the mac-n-cheese, shows his gratitude by turning against Sharkis and letting the boys go to the stage to accept their award. They close the awards show with a performance of their song We Are, accompanied by the highlights of the show, and have their after-party at The Palm Woods. Kendall also revealed that his true dream was to actually perform at an awards with his three best friends and is happy that it came true. Katie's dream finally comes true when the boys invited Austin Mahone to come to the party to meet her and they alongside the other Palm Woods residents end the night by celebrating with Gustavo playing the BTR theme song.

But who am I kidding? An extensive time jump of any kind would be a great way to reinvigorate the show. I love me a good time jump , and it will be especially compelling to see how Bellamy does after five years of not seeing his sister and Clarke after five years not seeing her mother.

When a show meets an untimely demise, all we can do is hope for the best and brace for the worst. That state of mind is one that Beth Boland, Ruby Hill and Annie Marks are very familiar with after four seasons of wheeling and dealing in counterfeit cash.

Thoughts:This episode is light on Rory which is fine with me because I find her unbearably annoying during the college years. If you're watching this show for the first time, I feel it is my duty to warn you that things only get worse. If you think Rory is insufferable now, just wait until Logan gets added in to the mix.

But it's definitely going to be one hell of a confrontation in the flashback sequence we've been setting up since this trilogy started. Kate's record store boyfriend Mark has been a ticking time bomb since we first met him on this show, and we found ourselves dreading what he might have in store for young Kate when they got there.

At the same time, Rebecca showed tremendous faith in Toby, who she knows is probably the best man Kate has ever dated (certainly better than Mark!). She also understands that sometimes people struggle and that it's okay to be stern with them you need them to step up and be there for you. 041b061a72


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