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Pes 2009 Crack Download Tpb

PES 2009 for Wii is a cautious evolutionary step forward. After demanding so much persistence and concentration in the early stages last year in order to master Pull and Point Dribbling, never mind the various advanced skill techniques and variations, this is a game of refinement. There are new attacking options like one-twos and give-and-gos, which sound horrible on paper (while Point Dribbling, hold Z and press B to pass the ball, then continue your run), but which anybody with a couple of hours of PES Wii under their taped ankles and Vaporubbed chests will absorb relatively ably, while a new option to direct a shot with the pointer and B button is about as simple and intuitive an update as this spin-off series is ever likely to deploy.

Pes 2009 Crack Download Tpb

Where PES Wii needed most refinement though was in defence. PES 2009 has a fair crack at this, sending a defender after an opposition player automatically so you can then decide to jostle (Z) or slide in (shake the nunchuk), or bring a second defender into play by pointing at the attacker and pressing A. The result more closely resembles the traditional PES tactic of pressing with two players at once, not least because you can still use the nunchuk analogue stick to fine-tune the first defender's positioning. Combined with the existing option for man-marking, it should give you a better range of options to deal with advancing forwards. That said, the new ability to have a man-marker step out to intercept a pass requires superhuman anticipation - so much so that I rarely used it again after a few dozen cack-footed attempts.

PES 2009 download torrent of the legendary football video game that has been getting better and better over the years. This is a high-quality and solid simulator, released by KONAMI in 2008. For several months, the Japanese continued to please fans of the simulator with patches and permanent DLCs that improve gameplay, gameplay, graphics, adding player transfers and licenses from many clubs.

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