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Isaac Hill

God Of War Chains Of Olympus PS3 LINK

After restoring the fire steeds back to life, the horses lead Kratos into the Underworld before retreating. There, he meets Charon, on his ferry, upon the River Styx. The ferryman soon lists the similarities between himself and Kratos, saying they are both slaves to the Olympians. Charon then tells Kratos to go, saying it is not yet his time. Having denied Kratos passage, and Kratos refusing to leave, they engage in a fight, before Charon knocks Kratos unconscious and drops him into Tartarus. There, Kratos witnesses the breaking of the chains binding Atlas to the pits of Tartarus. After some time, the Spartan fights and climbs his way out of Tartarus, returning to defeat Charon. Seizing control of the ferry, he follows the light of Helios, currently illuminating the underworld, down the river Styx, coming upon the Temple of Persephone. To his own surprise, he sees his daughter Calliope on the shorelines of the temple and follows her inside. Unable to locate her, instead he meets Persephone, Queen of the Underworld.

God of War Chains of Olympus PS3

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With his skills restored, Kratos pursues Persephone, catching her at the base of the pillar. She tells him it is the end, then reveals her other form - a winged woman wearing black armor - before carrying Kratos to the top of the pillar. Once they reach the summit, Kratos and Persephone engage in a bloody final battle; during the battle, Persephone tries to subdue and confuse Kratos, urging him to go back to Elysium and be with Calliope, and when he resists, she orders Atlas to destroy him. Kratos chains Atlas to the roof of the underworld before returning to battle Persephone and eventually killing her with the Gauntlet of Zeus. Dying, but uncaring of her fate, the goddess taunts Kratos, snarling that now his suffering shall never end as her body then explodes, severing the pillar in the shockwave with Atlas now the only thing holding the world together. Though the Titan to gloats to him about the gods' true plans for him, Kratos believes his path is clear, serving them regardless so they will keep their promises to free him from his nightmares as it is all he has left. Atlas ends by foretelling that they will meet again. 041b061a72


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