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Her Butt (Extended Mix)

"Baby Got Back" is a song written and recorded by American rapper and songwriter Sir Mix-a-Lot, released in May 1992 as the second single from his third album, Mack Daddy (1992). The song was written and co-produced by him, and samples the 1986 Detroit techno single "Technicolor" by Channel One. It debuted at number 75 on the US Billboard Hot 100 on April 11, 1992 and hit number one twelve weeks later. The single spent five weeks at the top of the chart. At the time of its original release, the song caused controversy with its outspoken and blatantly sexual lyrics about women, as well as specific references to the female buttocks, which some people found objectionable. The song's accompanying music video was briefly banned by MTV.[1]

Her Butt (Extended Mix)

The first verse begins with "I like big butts and I cannot lie" and most of the song is about the rapper's attraction to women with large buttocks. The second and third verse challenge mainstream norms of beauty: "I ain't talkin' 'bout Playboy. Cause silicone parts are made for toys." and "So Cosmo says you're fat. Well I ain't down with that!"

Sir Mix-a-Lot commented in a 1992 interview: "The song doesn't just say I like large butts, you know? The song is talking about women who damn near kill themselves to try to look like these beanpole models that you see in Vogue magazine." He explains that most women respond positively to the song's message, especially black women: "They all say, 'About time.'"[5]

In the song's prelude there is a conversation between two (presumably) thin, white Valley girls, similar to girl talk in Frank Zappa's "Valley Girl". One girl (dubbed Linda by Amylia Dorsey)[6] remarks to her friend, "Oh, my, God Becky, look at her butt! It is so big... She's just so black!", at which point Sir Mix-a-Lot begins rapping.

In 2020, ranked "Baby Got Back" number 24 in their list of the best Billboard Hot 100 No. 1 song of the 1990s. They described it as "the novelty song that never went away", adding, "You could put this on at a wedding today and women will recite the opening word for word before the rap breaks in and everyone (and I mean everyone) joins in. Sir Mix-a-Lot was never shy about playing up the song's "playful" nature, rapping on top of a giant butt in the video."[13] The song has been cited as a limitations of Bechdel test. It has been described as passing the test because it begins with a valley girl saying to another "oh my god, Becky, look at her butt".[14][15][16]

In the 1993 Joel Schumacher film Falling Down, a giant inflatable butt promoting the single is visible in a scene where D-Fens (Michael Douglas) destroys a pay phone booth with a submachine gun.

On August 5, 2014, producer Polow da Don claimed that the "Anaconda" instrumental was originally intended for rapper and musician Missy Elliott, but was scrapped and then re-recorded by Minaj.[5] However, on August 24, 2014, Elliott contradicted Polow's recollections, saying she never received the instrumental.[6] The cover art for the single went viral on the web after being revealed. On various digital music stores, the cover art is censored with the Parental Advisory label over Minaj's buttocks. The song heavily samples "Baby Got Back" by Sir Mix-a-Lot, who also has vocals in the chorus of the song.[5]

In a review of Minaj's video, Lucas Villa of AXS wrote, "It's butts abound in her bananas clip for 'Anaconda."[33] NBC host Al Roker called the music video "vile" and "desperate". Roker said, "It almost seems like Minaj has gotten desperate and needs to do something to get her crown back."[34] Molly Lambert of Grantland was complimentary, writing "the video is about Nicki asserting her power, not as a sexual object but a sexual subject."[35] It was named one of the sexiest videos of 2014 by VH1.[36]

The song was briefly sung by a group of bunnies in the 2016 movie, Sing. Due to the explicit lyrics of the song, they only sang the lines, "Oh, my, gosh. Look at her butt". A remix of the line was released on the deluxe version of the Sing: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack and was entitled "OH. MY. GOSH."[46]

Duke Tumatoe and The Power Trio joins us in the performance room. They play their hit, What You Do With Your Butt, but the gang wants in on the action. We learn what they would want to do with their butts.

The pork butt rub will adhere to the slather. A good pork seasoning for pork shoulder will contain sugar and be slightly savory. Sugar helps with creating bark (or that dark caramelization that happens when smoking the shoulder). Want more savory? Lessen the sugar and add more salt, garlic, or onion powder. Just add all the ingredients into a bowl and mix.

Hi there! I am wanting to cook 2 pork butts with this recipe tomorrow. I was reading that you suggested injecting and putting rub on the night before and leaving in the fridge over night. Would that be okay? I read some of your comments and replys that said not to put rub on the night before. Or do I inject and marinate right before I put on the smoker. Just wondering what would be best for best flavor?

Hi! This recipe looks amazing!! I have a 4lb pork shoulder, since there are only two of us, will this still be ok if I just adjust time wise? I assume I would have to start spritzing after only and hour and a half or so? It will be my first attempt at smoking pork butt so any helpful tips on a smaller size piece of meat would be appreciated!

I made this today. First time doing pork butt. I opted out of injecting. Everything else I did to the letter of the recipe. It came out great. The flavor profile of the rub is perfect. I will definitely be making this again.

This is my third time smoking a port butt per your suggestion. I am a true believer to the adage low and slow. I appreciate the step by step instructions. Thank you so much for posting your secrets.

Yes, I am officially hungry after reading this post! It looks so good, and I love all the ways that you can eat pork butt. ? Thanks for the detailed step-by-step too! This will be great to reference in the future!

Cigarette butts comprise an estimated 30% of the total litter (by count) along US shorelines, waterways and on land,2 and Keep America Beautiful reported that 80% of all marine debris originates from land-based sources.3 Typically, discarded cigarette butts consist of three components: unsmoked remnant tobacco (including partially smoked/charred tobacco on the end), the filter of a filtered cigarette and a paper wrap. Each of these components of the discarded cigarette butt presents its own concerns. About 99% of the manufactured cigarette market is filtered cigarettes; filters degrade very slowly and thus become an accumulating mass of potentially toxic waste. Toxic substances are leached from the filter and tobacco residue4 that pollute waterways,5 and probably pollute ground water near landfills that are not properly constructed to contain such leachates. Aquatic life may be harmed by the toxic leachates,1 6 and the butts may cause physical harm when ingested by animals.1 7 Butts collect in municipal storm drains and then may empty into waterways,1 and can clog storm drains and sanitary sewer systems.8

Some attempts have been made to change smoker's behaviour towards cigarette butt deposition by enforcing existing anti-littering laws. In addition, some communities have imposed cigarette butt abatement fees on each pack of cigarettes.1 In San Francisco in 2009, a US$0.20 fee was added to the price of cigarettes sold in the city,9 providing an economic disincentive towards tobacco product purchases. However, this fee is in abeyance pending litigation10 brought by the tobacco industry. If implemented, the fee would also support a public education campaign directed towards reducing butt waste, as well as recouping the costs to the city of butt clean-up.1 9 10 Anti-littering laws are not vigorously enforced regarding cigarette butt waste in most jurisdictions, but these may reduce the number of cigarette butts dropped on the ground. Nevertheless, these regulatory efforts are miniscule when compared with the scope of the problem.

In the US, as of October 2010 a total of 32 states have enacted EPR laws that require manufacturers to finance the costs of recycling or safe disposal of their consumer products, covering a range of products including auto switches, batteries, carpet, cell phones, electronics, fluorescent lighting, mercury-containing thermostats, paint and pesticide containers.27 Most of this legislation is of recent origin, but it may be another model of regulations that could be adapted to cigarette butt waste.

EPR in Europe has not been perfectly implemented and may not be suited to the US.24 26 EPR laws enacted in US states have each dealt with a specific product,27 thus avoiding some of the issues found in Europe regarding a singular regulatory scheme being applied to a wide array of products with an overall goal of encouraging manufacturers to make design changes. The EU has not been as successful in meeting this goal on a large range of products, requiring direct design mandates such as materials standards and bans on use of certain chemicals.26 In the case of tobacco products, changing the product design to completely eliminate environmental hazards is not practicable. However, some have advocated the possibility of removing the filter from cigarettes in order to at least improve biodegradability of smoked cigarettes.1 This would not, however, eliminate hazardous leachates from butts containing only tobacco remnants.

The Maine legislature amended the original bill only to require the Department of Environmental Protection to propose a product stewardship law in 2011. Despite this delay, the proposed Maine product stewardship law offers a very good framework for laws applying to cigarette butt waste; however, existing state EPR laws are not as comprehensive as the product stewardship law proposed in Maine. 041b061a72


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