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[S4E16] Broken Foot

(What I can't wait to see is Mama Smoak's reaction to the news that not only have Felicity and Oliver broken up, but also Captain Lance has admitted on the stand his complicity with Damian Darhk. She's gonna hit the roof.)

[S4E16] Broken Foot

Lana and Jason return from a jog when they realize her Talon apartment has been broken into, but the only thing stolen is the Crystal of Air. Lana convinces Jason to forget about the stone, saying whoever took it can keep it. She tells him that she's tired of their relationship revolving around the Stones and Jason agrees to drop the subject. However, later, Jason goes to the Luthor Mansion and accuses Lionel Luthor of stealing the stone. Jason is in the process of roughhousing Lionel when Lana walks into the room.

Meanwhile, to help with expenses, Luanne brings in three roommates from a friend who had lost her apartment lease, only to find out soon after that these roommates were likely behind the loss of the said lease. In addition to ignoring their responsibilities for their portions of the rent and utility bills, which are all in Luanne's name, they shirk their chores and purposely eat all of her food. When she angrily confronts them with a list of agreed-upon house rules which they have broken, however, she is horrified to realize that she has become just like Hank. Hank agrees to talk to a hysterical Luanne at Peggy's insistence, telling Luanne that when life's frustrations get to him he finds solace in tending to his lawn. Acting on his suggestion, she makes a hobby of cleaning and maintaining the property's swimming pool. By the end of the episode, she has not only paid all the overdue bills and cut off the house's utilities so that her roommates will be forced to contribute their fair share, but she has also perfectly adjusted the pH of the pool. At this revelation, she and Hank contentedly sip beer in her backyard.

Buy Now! Description:On the cold, rainy evening of his wedding anniversary, Charles is stuck in the middle of nowhere with a broken wagon wheel. Caroline and the girls wait at home with a special celebration dinner all prepared. Caroline passes the time by reminiscing with her daughters about her youthful beginnings with Charles.

First of all, Bernadette is played by the delightfully diminutive (4-foot-11) Melissa Rauch, 37, who has, indeed, been pregnant in real life. The good news is that she and her husband, writer Winston Rauch, became the parents of a baby girl on Dec. 4.

As McKay tries to pull her up, Keller tells him to stop, since she can see light, a mine shaft coming out to the open. Keller is able to swing over and makes it into the tunnel. However, this causes McKay's rope burns to open and bleed. Nevertheless, he insists on lowering Carter down, since her leg is broken. McKay makes a makeshift seat for her and ropes her down, where she is able to swing to safety. Once she's safe, it's McKay turn. He goes down the rope, but pauses in exhaustion when it is time to swing. He admits that after four years of "shooting guns, running around, and saving people," he should be better at it by now, but isn't. He swings and makes it to the tunnel with the women. Just after, they see the facility completely collapse and fall down the chasm.

In 2003, David Hunt and his 11-year-old daughter Leia, set off on a snowmobiling adventure in the Quebec back country. Disaster strikes when David's snowmobile hits a snow drift and crash lands into a ravine. Stranded miles from safety with a badly broken leg in sub zero temperatures; David's only chance of survival rests with his daughter Leia. It's the greatest test of her young life and one she can't afford to fail. Air Date : 23rd-Feb-2011

On the final leg of an amazing two year sailing voyage, the Silverwood Family hit some stormy weather 180 miles west of Bora Bora in the South Pacific. It's no big deal, until a broken mast pin and a submerged rocky reef suddenly turns their adventure into a potentially deadly one. As the mast snaps, it falls on dad John, severing his leg. It's up to teenage son Ben, to become the man and help to save his family. He gets the family off the sinking boat, but as they spend a terrifying night on a reef in the middle of the ocean, will rescue get to them before Ben's father dies of blood loss? Air Date : 20th-Oct-2010 Read More

Mountaineer Jim Davidson and best-friend Mike Price embark on a mountaineering expedition to conquer the snow-shrouded summit of Mount Rainier in Washington State. On the descent disaster strikes when, without warning, Jim plunges into an 80 foot crevasse, pulling Mike down with him. Having survived the fall and an avalanche of snow Jim discovers that partner Mike has not been so lucky. To save his own life, Jim has to figure out a way to scale the sheer frozen walls, injured, without the right gear or a climbing partner. Can Jim overcome his grief and find the courage and skill to attempt the toughest climb of his life? Air Date : 12th-Jan-2011 Read More

In 2003, David Hunt and his 11-year-old daughter Leia, set off on a snowmobiling adventure in the Quebec back country. Disaster strikes when David's snowmobile hits a snow drift and crash lands into a ravine. Stranded miles from safety with a badly broken leg in sub zero temperatures; David's only chance of survival rests with his daughter Leia. It's the greatest test of her young life and one she can't afford to fail. Air Date : 23rd-Feb-2011 Read More

Now, Queen Alicent pays her a visit. She informs Rhaenys that the king is dead, and asks her to support Aegon over Rhaenyra. The Velaryons' pact with Rhaenyra has meant only bad things: Laena's death, Laenor being cuckolded and then ostensibly killed. But Rhaenys shoots back that Velaryon oaths are not so easily broken.

When Queen Alicent gets back to her chambers, she finds "Clubfoot" Larys Strong waiting for her. He has news. Alicent sits on the couch across from him, takes her slippers off and puts her stocking-covered feet on the table. Larys tells her there's a web of spies in the Red Keep, one that Otto Hightower is aware of and has left in place because it has occasionally benefited him.

Jake is throwing some punches at a dummy, and then he walks over to his punching bag and kicks it. Pain comes over him, as he's been stabbed in the foot. He opens his bag to see a bunch of sharp knives placed in the bag.

Alison was taken to the ER, where she and Keith were both unconscious and mistaken for lovers. Alison's leg was broken and blood flow to her foot was cut off. When she woke up, she started coughing up blood, so they did REBOA to buy time and then took her to the OR. After surgery, she was stable and awake. She also asked if she'd killed Keith and told the doctors what had really happened out there. By then, Keith had disappeared with Stephanie and Bailey ordered constant monitoring of Alison for her protection.

Dodgers right-hander Don Newcombe was the first outstanding African American pitcher in the major leagues and in 1949 became the first to start a World Series game. The 6-foot-4, 240-pound hurler was also the first player in major league history to have won the rookie of the year, Most Valuable Player and Cy Young awards. He was 92.

Some people, including the school's athletic trainer, Ed Evans, arrived to the ravine. As Evans tried to assess Donnie's condition, he noticed that his feet were so mangled that only a small portion of his Achilles tendons and an inch of some muscles were holding them on. He discovered that Donnie kept some much, his blood pressure was low. "I'm not a paramedic. I'm a first aider. I treated football fields with many injuries, but nothing said to me that this kid could die in front of you," Evans stated.

Within 30 minutes of the accident, rescue units from the McDowell County Ambulance Authority arrived. Once Evans and the others were moving Donnie toward the school, Battalion Chief Douglas Klein arrived and took charge. After seeing the extent of Donnie's injuries, he radioed for a HealthNet helicopter. As the other rescuers arrived, he put the anti-shock trouser suit on to control the bleeding. "The fractures are the worst I've ever seen in 11 years of service. It frightened me that with the wrong move and the wrong touch, we can actually pull his foot off of his leg," he recalls.

As the HealthNet helicopter waited for them, Donnie's father, Raymond, was notified that he had been in an accident. He initially thought it was a broken leg, but when he saw the paramedics covered with blood, he realized it was bad. After Donnie was loaded up in the ambulance to be taken to the helicopter, Raymond went with them and saw the condition that he was in. As the ambulance drove, he howled in pain every time it hit a bump. Raymond told him he was there and Donnie told him that he loved him and to tell his mother, Bonnie, that he loved her too.

Donnie was airlifted to the trauma unit of Charleston Area Medical Center 70 miles away where orthopedic surgeon Dr. Michael Fidler examined him. He discovered that the broken bones were laying open in the air and there was a lot of dirt and debris on them. He found out that Donnie had a head injury that caused a small blood clot on his brain. "Surgery for Donnie had its increased risks because of his head injury. But this is the risk that had to be taken because there was no doubt that he would certainly lose both of his feet if we did not proceed with haste," he recalls.

Sweets tells Gordon Wyatt that his book about Booth and Brennan concludes that the two are in love with each other and that Brennan uses her intellect to shield herself from intense emotions - like love - because of her childhood trauma and that opening up her heart to Booth would be equal to some kind of assault for her. Angela tells Wyatt that she thinks Booth misses the dream he had when he was in a coma. Booth realizes that he is in love with Brennan and wants the kind of life with her that he had in the dream, which is why he can no longer shoot straight. He has also changed some of his routines, such as drinking coffee and talking in his cell phone with the opposite hand than the one he used before the surgery, and stepping on a ladder with the other foot first, things that Brennan noticed. When Wyatt presents Sweets' theory to Booth, he says that he knows Brennan doesn't love him back, that if she loved him, he would know. Wyatt tells Booth to have hope and patience, silently indicating to Booth that Brennan will eventually come around. And Wyatt says that in order to ace his marksmanship certification, he should imagine having the life with Brennan he wants, take her to the shooting test, and imagine that he has to shoot straight at the goal to protect Brennan. The advice works, and Booth gets a perfect score on the test. 041b061a72


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