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Videoplayback (1).mp4

adjust_playback_time adjusts playback speed ofvideo. scale_factor controls the magnitude of speed-upor slow-down by modifying the presentation timestamp of eachvideo frame. For more information, see How to speed up/slow down a video. Values of scale_factor 1 slowdown video. In addition to changing playback, function canchange output format by specifying a different file extension inoutput.

videoplayback (1).mp4


h.264 Is a stable codec to use, Sequencer integration is easy, but often desyncs and lags. Closing/reopening the sequencer seems to solve most of the desync, until it happens again. Sequencer settings on async evaluation and blocking frames had little effect on playback accuracy

h.265 is awesome, but unusable for its unreliability. Despite it being usable in an .mp4 container, the sequencer has SERIOUS issues with playing/pausing the content. Playback is stellar up to two plates. With three plates, the GPU seems to struggle with how it should allocate its resources and just stops doing what it should. Setting the framerate to be fixed at 2x the playback rate seems to give it a good shake and improves performance massively.The sequencer still hates it though, ruining any hopes of controlling plate playback in a professional setting.

Tutorial: Select this option to initiate the Introduction tutorial videos. A Playback UI appears on your Support Hand to pause/play and also advance to the next or previous video. Closing the playback UI to close the tutorials. 041b061a72


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