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Skachat Slow Motion Na Kompiuter

This is significant because if you were to playback that video at 30 fps, the videos would appear to be playing in smooth slow motion because there is 4 times the frames to display. So, when you playback a video the iPhone is converting the selected section of the 120fps video into 30fps, giving it the slow motion effect - the whole video COULD be watched at a normal speed with no problem. When you import the file onto your computer, it is just a 120fps video file - it doesn't know when or where to convert it to 30fps, which is why it appears as if it "lost" the slomo when really it's playing in its native 120fps.

skachat slow motion na kompiuter

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Finally I found the best solution for me. Tried to import via Final Cut X but I am not sure it makes sense. Next I imported slow motion video from my iPhone via USB cable and opened Preview app that comes with a Mac and imported from here! Totally worked and I got .mov files out that I could open in quicktime and click cmd i and it showed 120 frames per second.

I used the iPhone's imovie app to just add a simple filter, then it will allow you to export the video while keeping the slow motion intact. I'd suggest adding a filter or even Just trimming a small bit or something so iMovie allows you to export it (doesn't give you the option unless you make some sort of edit).Voila!

Quick and dirty solution that can be done entirely on iPhone that just worked for me: Do a screen recording as you watch the video on your phone, make sure to tap away the control bars and have audio on during your 3 second countdown (may take you a couple tries to get this right), naturally it will capture the slow-motion, now upload the screen recording video to YouTube or e-mail to your friends.

You need to copy the video to your pc and then open it in after effects or premiere. The frame rate will drop to 99fps unfortunately as both programs cannot accept higher fps. Then use twixtor plugin to make your movie slow motion

Movavi Clips is a free slow-motion editor for iOS and Android. Its user-friendly interface and intuitive controls make it easy even for beginners to use, and it is packed with features to allow you to edit videos, adjust audio, slow down a video, and share your videos to YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and other social networking sites.

SloPro is a free iOS video slow-motion converter app that allows you to shoot video in slow motion or perform a video slow-motion edit on pre-recorded videos. The app is easy to use and provides the option to shoot in super slow-mo up to 1000fps.

Whether it's a glamorous shot of someone's hair blowing in the wind as they whip their head around, or an action movie showing the heroes marching into battle, slow-motion video has certainly made its mark.

It's a fun effect that can add some visual appeal to your Instagram posts. If you're wondering how to get slow-motion video on Instagram, you've come to the right place. This post will break down how to accomplish the effect and have you wowing your followers in no time.

Effects filters are a common part of any video or photo-sharing site these days. Instagram has their own set of video effects called Boomerang. Although using these effects once required a separate app, they've now been rolled into the core Instagram app. When creating your Instagram story, a slow-motion video can be a fun effect to add, and Boomerang makes it easy. Sometimes, though, you may want more control than the basic filter provided by Instagram allows for. For those times, we'll cover the basics of adding slow-motion in a video editor.

Using the Boomerang effects on your Instagram story couldn't be easier. From the Stories camera, swipe right to enter Boomerang mode. Once there, tap on the icon with the infinity symbol to reveal the effects. You will see several different effects available to you as well as the option to trim the video. For our slow-motion effect, we are interested in the effect called Slowmo. When you apply this effect to your video, the Instagram app will slow your video down to half its normal speed. If you'd like to adjust the speed by a different amount, you'll need to use a video editor outside of Instagram, covered next.

After you've applied the slow-motion to your video with the Slowmo effect, you'll be presented with two options. You can publish your freshly slowed video to your story right away, or you can choose to save it to your camera roll. Once in your camera roll, you can apply additional effects to it in external software or upload it to another video sharing site.

The best part about slow-motion video is that it doesn't take a lot of planning because you can add it to any video in your phone or on your computer. Sure, you can plan out the perfect slow-motion shot, but you can also quickly and easily play with the effect on every video you shot. Of course, you don't want to overdo the effect on the videos you post. If everything you post is a slow-motion video, Instagram followers may begin to think you live your life in slow-motion. Still, the occasional slow-motion video on Instagram makes for interesting viewing for your followers. Why not see how your videos look in slow-motion right now?

Flicker Free is a powerful and simple way to remove flicker from your video. We offer presets for different types of footage, making it easy to eliminate flicker caused by out of sync cameras, time-lapse, or slow-motion video. Flicker Free will work on any sized footage and is compatible with a wide range of video editing applications such as After Effects, Premiere Pro, FCP, Avid, Resolve, and Vegas.

Slow motion effects can add a "close-up in time", and introduce a feeling of surreality. If you want to slow down a video to show more details or transfer a kind of atmosphere to a video, you will need video editing software to do it. Here is a list of some of the best video editors to make a video slow down in the market.

Filmora offers two ways to make a slow-motion effect in a video. The quickest way of applying the slow-motion effect to video is by selecting the target clip in the timeline, clicking the Speed icon in the toolbar, and choosing the target slow speed presets from 0.5X, 0.25X, 0.1X, 0.05X and 0.01X. The smaller the preset is, the slower the video will be.

Continuously raising the bar for slow motion editing software, Twixtor is probably the most popular and highly praised video editing application that focuses on slow and fast motions in the market. Despite the commendations the software keeps getting, its pricing may be a little too expensive. The full version of Twixtor Pro falls at $595.00.

Although its bare and unappealing graphical user interface might turn off some people, Slomovideo does what it was created to do, which is to slow motion in videos down, quite well. To add to that, Slomovideo is an open source program, which means that it is free. A downside, however, is that it seems slower than other software and applications. However, if you are opposed to shelling out hundreds of dollars in order to produce a crisp and smooth slow motion video with expensive software, then this freeware is for you.

Similar to Slomovideo, Respeedr is also an open source video editing tool. It is a stand-alone application that makes use of a frame-based motion-flow analysis, which means that it uses dynamic frame-blending.It offers an array of time lapse and slow motion tools that are needed to make the transition smooth but the quality of the video crisp. Moreover, its graphical user interface is very easy to understand.

As we said before, with Filmora, you can change the video speed easily to make a slow motion, fast forward or freeze-frame video. Besides that, Filmora also provides some basic video editing features such as trimming, splitting, cutting, and rotating as well as advanced features like video stabilization and tilt-shift. Download Filmora to get more creative.

A slow-motion video or a superfast video has an excellent attraction on social media like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and other platforms. Using a video editor with a speed control function like EaseUS Video Editor, you can instantly speed up video up to 50x times. It means if you have a 100 minutes video, you can speed up so you can watch it within a few minutes.

Another online video speed changer software you can try is EZGIF. It can change your video playback speed in simple clicks, and you can easily make a slow-motion video with this online program. To change the video playback speed, you only need two steps: upload your video file and set a speed multiplier, and once done, you can download the edited video to your computer.

Video Speed Changer is an Android app to help you adjust video speed. It can convert any video into slow-motion or fast-motion video, or you can set different speeds at multiple parts of the same video. After editing, it enables you to share the video with your friends or on any social platforms directly from this app.

GoPro Quik (was GoPro Studio) software makes it easier than ever to create professional-quality videos with your GoPro content. We've taken our most popular videos and turned them into GoPro Edit Templates that help fast-track you to an incredible edit. The music, edit points, slow motion effects, and more have been dialed--all you have to do is replace our video clips with yours. Or if you want to create your edits from scratch, you can do that too. Trim and mix clips. Adjust video playback speed for fast or slow motion. Add titles, music, audio tracks and more. It's never been easier to make epic GoPro-style videos to share with your friends.

With numerous speed options, 5KPlayer enables you to control the speed of a video playing. You can both fast forward and slow down an iPhone video captured in slow-motion mode. Additionally, it has an edit option that enables you to perform some basic editing on your video prior to further processing.

Here I strongly recommend Filme Video Editor, which comes with an intuitive interface like iMovie and similar to iMovie, it provides you with all regular video editing tools like splitting, trimming, cropping, adding titles and transitions, etc. It also enables you to edit green screen video, picture-in-picture, slow motion, reverse, and so on. Filme Video Editor does almost everything iMovie does. Better than iMovie, Filme Video Editor is compatible with Windows and Mac. Get a free trial now. 041b061a72


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