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Create and Use a Recovery Disk for Norton Ghost 14 with an ISO File

if you wish to recover a damaged or deleted windows system, you can boot from the ghost cd / dvd and fix it with the following utilities: system recovery, system repair, disk repair, memory repair, or system recovery. to boot, you need to load the boot disk into your system, and then boot from it. once you have booted from the cd, you can drag and drop files onto the window. when you close the window, the files will be copied to a new location. you can also browse your cd or dvd drive to drag and drop files on it. only if you are using windows xp, vista or windows 7, you can also quickly fix the system from within the windows command prompt.

Symantec Norton Ghost 14 Recovery Disk Bootable ISO.rar

start using norton ghost boot cd to copy your current data to your new or restore your old windows system without accessing windows. before you start, you must prepare a cd or dvd drive with an iso or nrg for booting your system. by following a few easy steps, you can copy the disk content or you can fix a damaged or corrupt system without re..

you can now easily copy the boot disk to a cd/dvd of your choice and then boot from it if youre required to fix an unstable system, or you can simply use it as a system recovery tool to help you fix your corrupt system. with this utility, your system can be fixed in simple steps, and a..

norton ghost boot cd is specially designed to repair and recover corrupt systems and also create a bootable system to easily fix them. whether you are a beginner or an expert, the software can help you in the safe maintenance of your system. the utility comes in a separate package that can be used to fix any accidental damage to your system. the utility is compatible with every windows..


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