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JBSYSTEMS Light IRock 7S Operation Manual JBSYSTEMS Light [WORK]

Foot ControllerRobust housingLarge foot pedalsLED mode indicatorsOperations: Auto, Audio, flood and blackout modesConnection: 5-Pin XLR socketOn/Off power switchSimple use.Specifications:Power supply: Powered via the S-1 Controller (LEDJ126)Dimensions: 444 x 120 x 60mmWeight: 2.2KgsThe S-1F foot controller gives instant, and simple control over four control modes: Pressing one pedal will black-out the lights, pressing another will cycle through the current colour display and change between auto and sound operation, the other two pedals will change the built-in programmes manually or the colour selection. This controller connects to the LEDJ S-1 via supplied XLR cable and provides a massive amount of control options for the LEDJ Stratos Series and Stage Series.

JBSYSTEMS Light IRock 7S Operation Manual JBSYSTEMS Light

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The iColor 3000 comes with active built-in programs, providing an infinite spectrum of colours. With easy set-up, no power packs or bulgin cables are required. The iColour 3 mixer can be linked in Master/Slave mode without a quantity limit. The CA-32 controller is also available for creating instant lighting shows. With ease of operation and great pre-programs the iColor 3000 is perfect for larger shows, cabarets and installation. 350c69d7ab


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