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Josiah Flores
Josiah Flores

J. Cole €? Cole Summer

Porter is used to expressing himself on the basketball court. Off the court he is passionate about music and cars. Porter said during the summer he often travels to Memphis from his home in Missouri to listen to soul and jazz music. Porter has been playing drums since he was a kid and recently was gifted a custom bass guitar from his uncle, who is a skilled carpenter. He hopes to emulate the style of B.B. King as he learns the instrument.

J. Cole – Cole Summer

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He truly is an amazing person and He showed us his past and let us see what each song was about, which I thought was a great add to the concert and made it more personal. If I could, I would repeat last night over and over again, and I would never get sick of it, j cole is a MUST SEE, also such a kind man Aswel, have huge respect for him and his opinions. Also- as he told us last night he has a bit of Irish in him as his grandmother went on the boat from ireland to America, and his grandmother gave birth to his mother, and his mother gave birth to J Cole. How amazing is that !!!!

The best concert ever Jermaine (j.cole) is truly an amazing soul he performed for 2 hours nonstop ! Interacted with his supporters you can't really say that about other rappers who just perform for 30 minutes and go about their day , also in the show j.cole explained his songs from the album and also picked a fan to sing with him it was an amazing experience I was on the big screen twice & and he acknowledged my poster this was my first time seeing him but it won't be my last ! I love you Jermaine Lamarr Cole Thank you so much for last night .


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