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MyProjectorLamps is the most trusted, dependable retailer of high quality, ORIGINAL projector lamps, bulbs and projection TV lamps. Not only will we beat competitors prices, we also offer free shipping on all ground orders!


Projector Lamps USA is a premium supplier of Replacement Projector Lamps. Our lamps are exactly that, our own brand of projector lamps. We produce exceptional quality, high brightness, long life lamps, but at a great price.

Manufacturers and product testers judge life expectancy based on a bell curve of a bulb. Most projector lamps come with a 90-day or 3-month warranty instead of a warranty that reflects its rated life span.

The easiest way to get a compatible bulb is to buy an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) projector lamp replacement module designed for the projector model in question. Some companies make copy bulbs for cheaper alternatives. You can get a bare projector lamp without the housing and refurbish the existing housing and there are minimal risks in doing so.

A lamp module includes a plastic heat-resistant housing, a bulb with a burner and reflector and projector connectors to secure the unit. Often, manufacturers reduce the cost of lamp modules to encourage users to use OEM replacement parts.

Lumens are the unit of measure used to measure the brightness of a light bulb. A standard classroom projector is rated for bulbs that produce between 1,000 and 1,200 lumens. More powerful projectors, like projectors for larger offices can handle lumen outputs of 2,500 or more.

Elliptical and parabolic reflectors collect rays of light from the projector bulb and reflect it onto another surface like a screen or wall. Elliptical reflectors are a bit more efficient than parabolic ones and produce better pictures, but not by much. Because of the difference in their shape and size, elliptical and parabolic reflectors aren't interchangeable.

All projectors feature intake and exhaust vents to help reduce overheating, There are also air filters available to protect delicate circuitry from debris. Clean the vents and air filters as often as your user manual instructs or at least once every three months to ensure long-lasting operation.

If you need new or replacement projector bulbs or lamps for your multimedia projector or rear-projector TV, you should shop BulbAmerica first and last. We carry more than 50,000 types of projector lamps and OEM Rear Projector TV lamps for every major multimedia projector and rear-projection television brand, which means you'll find what you want on our website easily. Simply use or dropdown menu to shop by manufacturer. You'll discover competitive prices shopping on, and you'll enjoy rapid delivery of the product you need without even having to get in your car. In addition, we cover all of the projector lamps and bulbs we sell with a 90-day limited warranty, so you can buy with peace of mind.

Are you suffering from poor picture quality? Our assortment of projector bulbs and projector lamps can restore your projector or rear-projection TV to like-new image quality. These replacement parts fit perfectly and are easy to install. At BulbAmerica, you can select from full lamp assemblies, in which the bulb is already installed in the housing, as well as standalone projector bulb replacement that you can install in the projector bulb housing yourself.

Our selection of multimedia projector and rear-projection TV lamps and bulbs covers more than 80 brands, including Philips, Samsung and RCA. Whether you're looking for Mitsubishi projector lamps, Sanyo projector lamps, Optoma projector lamps or dozens of other brands, you'll find the perfect combination of quality and price at BulbAmerica.

When you shop at BulbAmerica, you can count on quality. Our Mitsubishi projectors' lamps, for instance, come with a variety of cages and assemblies with high-quality bulbs inside. With these projector lamps, Mitsubishi bulbs are available as well as high-quality OEM compatible bulbs that can save you money.

P-VIP lamps are high pressure mercury lamps for use in video projectors, projection televisions and other projection applications. The mercury discharge spectrum is altered through the very high operating pressure of more than 200bar, to give a dense multi-line spectrum which is ideal for projection purposes.

P-VIP lamps provide very high brightness, the essential prerequisite for efficient projection devices. Furthermore they excel through long operating life and a low loss of luminous flux during the lifetime.

PT-VIP lamp drivers, perfectly attuned to the lamps, ensure not only the optimal operating conditions, but also provide additional functions appropriate to the device. Sophisticated Unishape operation modes offer variable light color optimized for data-, video-, or other operation modes.

Manufacturers mostly in China have been reported to be making inferior counterfeit lamps. In the UK, one lamp distributor was prosecuted for supplying counterfeit Epson lamps that seriously damaged an Epson projector in Germany.[4] In India, 400 people complained of irritation and swelling in eyes after several China-made halogen lamps burst during a cultural program.[5]

As an increasing number of counterfeit lamps are being sold, projector manufacturers, such as Optoma and Epson stress the importance of authentic and original lamps. Optoma and Epson hold the biggest projector market share in DLP and LCD respectively.[6][7]

The lamp in your projector may require replacement eventually. Rather than drop the burned-out lamp in the trash, you should contact a recycling center to arrange for proper disposal. Projector lamps contain mercury and other hazardous materials, which may cause environmental damage. Many communities have recycling centers that accept projector lamps. If there are no local centers available, you can ship the lamp to a center for proper disposal.

Remove the lamp from the projector and install the replacement lamp. The steps necessary will vary depending on your projector model, but most require you to remove the lamp cover, which typically includes removing one or more screws. Once you remove the cover, most projectors require you to loosen the additional screws used hold the lamp. Reverse the steps to secure the replacement lamp in place.

We also sell "Original Bulb Inside" lamp modules. These modules have a premium bulb from Philips, Osram, Ushio, Panasonic, Iwasaki, or Phoenix inside a compatible cage. Both the projector lamp and cage are designed to meet all the specifications of the OEM lamp module. All "Original Bulb Inside" lamp modules come with an industry leading full 2-year warranty.

With Philips projection lamps you always get light levels comparable to the original performance. On the other hand, measurements taken from competitor lamps show that light levels can be 30 to 40% lower when compared to equivalent Philips lamps with UHP technology. When four of the most common reflector shapes were tested^1, only Philips original lamps delivered 100% of the original lumen performance. While the brightness levels for non-Philips alternatives ranged between 50% - 70% of the original lumen performance. So for guaranteed results, it always pays to choose Philips.

Picture quality is also paramount. This can only be achieved by optimizing the combination of lamp, optical system and electronic operation. All our projection systems are carefully designed to achieve this, and are only authorized for release after stringent quality tests. This ensures you enjoy the best color performance and light uniformity over the lifetime of the lamps. Replacing your old lamp with a Philips original will preserve this fine balance and ensure your projector always operates as smoothly as possible.

As we discussed earlier, there are many low-cost, high-resolution options available to you to replace your malfunctioning projector. But chances are your projector is a high-lumens, long throw projector, or business class projector that cannot be as easily replaced. If that is the case, help reduce E-waste and repair your projector. Read our most recent blog post on Pro A/V E-Waste here.

Your projector is like a powerful, light-emitting vacuum. The hot components require a lot of cool air to keep the components in functional shape, and you can help maximize the lifespan of your projector by running it in intervals, keeping it in a cool and dust free environment, and bringing it in for a semi-annual cleaning, calibration, and service.

Projector Lamp Source is America's leading supplier of projector bulbs, projector lamps and TV lamp replacements. We offer the best deals on projector lamps and TV lamps for every make and model of projector/TV. Unlike many other online lamp retailers we carry our own inventory of projector lamps in our Buffalo, New York warehouse - which means you'll get your projector lamp incredibly fast!

We offer FREE SHIPPING with every lamp we sell and guarantee the LOWEST PRICES on projector lamps. If you find a lower price on an equivalent projector lamp or projector bulb we will beat it.

Projector Lamp Source always gives the BIGGEST WARRANTY in the projector lamp industry - Free of charge! All lamps come with an automatic 1 YEAR WARRANTY- Please compare us to the competition and you'll see we offer the best warranty around.

Projector Lamp Source also guarantees your projector lamp is an Original Lamp (Philips / Osram / Ushio) with the housing. The bulb is exactly as the projector/TV manufacturer specifies. Watch out for imitators who sell copy lamps or fake lamps that have been proven to damage your projector / TV.

To find your projector lamp please use the simple lamp finder tool above (Step 1, then Step 2), or select your manufacturer from the list below. If you have any questions our projector lamp sales team (with over 26 years of combined lamp experience) is here to help! If you can't find the lamp you need, we can get it for you. Just give us a call toll free on 1-877-550-LAMP (5267). 041b061a72


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